Photograph of rust

Photograph of Rust

Metal, moisture and time act together to cause what we know as rust. It is one form of transition that none of us really want. Rusted objects are considered spoilt, weak and unusable in almost all circumstances. They are quickly discarded, and aren’t given much attention. If people did give them closer attention however, they would discover the surprising beauty of rust.

As seen in the photograph above, a rusted piece of iron can produce spectacular and intricate patterns. Depending on the degree of rusting, the article can have different amounts of orange and red patches. In the photograph above, the article is almost entirely covered in orange and red shades, indicating a high level of rusting. It was while examining it and deciding whether it was still usable that I saw the beautiful pattern on it.

(Submitted to the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenges: “Transmogrify“, “Details“, “Abstract“, “(Extra)ordinary“, “Change“, “Monochromatic” and “Close Up“.)


Water – Part 2

Photograph of Water

Photograph of Water

The shapes created by these drops while falling from the tap are truly remarkable. If you look closely and get creative, the drop at the very bottom looks like a hollowed out bowl and the drop at the very top looks like a mushroom. Also, in the second and third drops from the bottom, the text behind the drops is visible.

Just think, these sort of structures are created every time anyone turns on a tap! Unfortunately, they last for such a small time that they are almost impossible to observe with the naked eye. A camera, preferably with a flash and very high shutter speed, is needed to fully admire these beautiful structures. Even then, a matter of a few hundredths of a second can make all the difference between a perfect and a terrible photograph.

(Entered in the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenges: “Tiny“, “H2O“, “Details“, “Abstract“, “Weight(less)“, “Careful“, “Close Up“, “Muse“, “Motion” and “Ephemeral“)