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Life moves along at a constant pace, and it drags us along. There is nothing we can do to escape the inevitable flow of time. Through photography though, we can capture particular moments in life and preserve them. A photograph doesn’t get dragged along by the flow of time. The moment in the picture is unchanging and constant. Those viewing the picture may change, but the moment captured in the picture itself will not. This is why photography is a very important medium of communication and expression.

Photographs are everywhere today. In newspapers, on the internet, in books, in advertisements, etc. As I am sure you have heard, “A picture is worth a thousand words”. This is not an exaggeration. There are certain things that words simply do not have the ability to convey. I can give a simple example of this. Imagine there was a science fiction writer, and in one of his books he needs to describe a new alien species, with eccentric characteristics and features. No matter how well he writes, he will not be able to give a very accurate description, because words can only describe so much. Since it is a new species, we would not have any clue what it looks like. However, if he were to use a photograph or picture of the new species, more of us would understand what the species is supposed to look like. The point here is that visuals are often the best way of communication. It has also been scientifically proven, that most people are “visual learners” (i.e. they learn better with the help of images, graphs, icons, etc.).

Photography is my hobby. I see it as a way of capturing the world. No two photographs can be exactly the same, so every photograph taken by me is unique. Every photograph represents the world as captured it. I think it is this uniqueness which makes photography so appealing to me.

Please feel free to share you opinion, advice and feedback by commenting on my posts. Thank you.

Featured Image : http://themediaray.com/photography-art-tips/

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