Rising Moon

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Photograph of Rising Moon

The moon rising over a calm ocean can be quite a sight, as I found out during my trip to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

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It IS Easy Being Green!


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Photograph of Munnar Landscape

Munnar is a small hill-station in the Indian state of Kerala. Famous for its tea and spice plantations, Munnar (and the Western Ghats region in general) provides many fine views like this.

(Submitted to the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenges: “Serene“, “Wanderlust“, “Earth” and “Atop“)

Alpine Village

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Photograph of Valley

Almost every valley in the Austrian Alps holds some small, rarely-heard-of village. Many of them have tiny populations, cover very little area and have only one or two large buildings. The houses are mostly built using wood and in the old-fashioned style with sloping roofs to keep the snow off. Unlike the large cities where almost everybody knows some English, people in these villages speak only German. Therefore communication may be a problem for outsiders.

While the basic necessities such as electricity and paved roads are available in these villages, they have managed to resist widespread urbanization. Hopefully they will continue to do so, as what these villages hold in terms of historic and cultural value cannot be replaced by any city in the world.

In this photograph, a small village is flanked by the beautiful Austrian Alps. Clouds are gathering above the mountain tops.

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