Photograph of a river


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Photograph of a river

Fast flowing rivers such as the one in the photograph are massively powerful. They can get through almost any obstacle, carve out whole valleys and alter entire landscapes. Millions of litres of water flow at breakneck speeds through the river valley, racing to get to the plains as quickly as they can. Almost no fish can live in this part of the river – the current is simply too strong. The power and weight of the river is an inspiring reminder of the Forces of Nature

The river in the photograph is the River Kosi, in the Himalayan foothills. The river passes near the famous Jim Corbett National Park, and is an important geographical feature of the area. It flows pretty fast in this area, and this is evident from the large, rounded boulders on the river backs. Besides being important to the nearby landscape and wildlife, it is also important to the people living in the area. It generates a lot of income through tourism, fishing, hydroelectricity, etcetera. Though not as large or popular as the Ganga or Yamuna, it is nevertheless a spectacle of the scale of nature.

This photograph was actually taken on the way to the actual destination, which was Jim Corbett National Park. Often, the journey can be as good, if not better, than the actual destination.

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