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Honeybee on Flower

Unable to find nectar in the concrete city, the honeybee tiredly arrived to an eleventh floor balcony. It had almost completely given up hope. When it first saw the beautiful purple flower, it did not believe its compound eyes. Only when the scent came wafting down did the bee truly realize that its search had been successful. It buzzed over to the flower and prepared itself for the imminent burst of juicy nectar. It had been rewarded for its hard work and tireless searching.

In today’s concrete world, it must be very difficult for honeybees and other insects to find nectar. The flower in the picture, one of many growing on my balcony, provides quite a sanctuary for all kinds of insects. Even though it is way up on the eleventh floor, insects seem to have no trouble in finding their way to it.

Spring sees the world emerge from the cocoon it had wrapped itself in to protect itself from the winter. Colourful flowers bloom everywhere, trees become laden with greenery, and insects, birds and all sorts of other animals come out to enjoy the beautiful days.

(Entered in the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenges: “Details“, “Pure“, “Seasons“, “Vibrant“, “Treat“, “Close Up“, “Vivid” and “Reward“)

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