Nature, Plant

Photograph of a Leaf

A hungry caterpillar somehow managed to climb up a tall plant and reach one of the lush green leaves he had been observing from the ground. A warmth rose in his body at the prospect of the meal he was about to enjoy. However this warmth was unceremoniously extinguished when the caterpillar saw that another caterpillar had already eaten from that particular leaf. Even the beautiful texture and lush greenery of the leaf could not do much to improve the caterpillar’s mood. Caterpillars are known to be greedy and gluttonous, so it is understandable why this particular caterpillar was aggrieved at finding the leaf half-eaten. Not willing to compromise his morals by eating a half-eaten leaf, he made the long journey back down and started looking for more leaves, preferably uneaten ones.

The above story is probably a decent reflection of the actual story surrounding the leaf in the photograph. The leaf is lush enough to attract most caterpillars, and the holes certainly resemble caterpillar bite marks.

If the story is accurate, a marvellous transformation is about to occur. The caterpillar, fattened up on leafy treats, will soon spin a cocoon around itself, shielding it from the outside world while the change takes place. After a while, it will emerge as a beautiful butterfly, almost unrecognisable.

(Submitted to “Details“, “Close Up” and “Tuesdays of Texture” @ https://narami.wordpress.com/category/tuesdays-of-texture/)

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