Low Tide

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Photograph of a beach at dawn

Low tide and dawn coincide to make for a peaceful and quiet beach in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

(Submitted to the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenges: “Liquid“, “Rise/Set“, “Silence“)



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Flock of Pigeons

Where I live, flocks of pigeons orbiting around buildings is a common sight. My building, which is one of the oldest buildings in the area, seems to be of particular attraction to the pigeons. Except the wee hours of morning, pigeons can be spotted at almost any time of day. The flurry of activity certainly intensifies at dawn and dusk, when the pigeons seem to be in some kind of hurry.

In this particular photograph, taken at dawn, a large flock of pigeons flies past the building neighbouring mine. The photograph relates to the theme “Early Bird” both symbolically (the photograph was taken early in the morning) and literally (the photograph contains ‘early’ birds).

(Submitted to the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenges: ”
Morning” and “Early Bird“.)