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Founded in 1988, Norbulingka Institute is dedicated to the preservation of Tibetan culture in its artistic and literary forms. The Institute provides training and education to many Tibetan refugees who reside in Dharamshala, and holds workshops in traditional Tibetan arts for visitors.

Most of the buildings at the Institute are constructed in the traditional Tibetan style, with colourful facades and intricate artwork on their walls, and other elements of Tibetan culture such as prayer flags and prayer wheels are also prevalent. Another striking feature of the Institute is its greenery and the ease with which the architecture blends into it. This balance and harmony between nature and culture makes Norbulingka Institute a great place to visit and spend time at, even if one is not particularly interested in nature or culture.




India, Landscape, Photograph, Travel

Photograph of a Valley in Dharamshala

This almost perfectly V-shaped valley near Dharamshala is home to the 20-meter-high Bhagsunag waterfall, one of the region’s most popular attractions. The hills in the region are densely covered in vegetation and, combined with the low-lying clouds, they made for a dramatic landscape.


India, Landscape, Panorama, Photograph, Travel

Photograph of Dhauladhar Range in Dharamshala

Dharamshala is an Indian hill-station that is well known for being home to the Dalai Lama and a large number of Tibetan refugees. It lies in a small sub-range of the extensive Himalayas known as the Dhauladhar range. Towering, snow-covered peaks of the range can be seen in this panoramic photograph.