Bus Stop

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Orchard Road is one of Singapore’s busiest streets. Hundreds of buses service the numerous bus stops along the length of the road. These photographs capture a man waiting for his bus on Orchard Road.

Photograph of a Blaze


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Blazing Fire

Photographs of fire and flames, like photographs in low-light situations, are difficult to capture. This is down to many factors such as the continuously changing nature of the flame, and the immense heat and light given off by it. The heat makes it difficult to get close, so a long distance lens must be used. Of course that is not ideal, but it is necessary. The bright light makes it difficult to capture images in which the background is also clearly visible. The flickering and changing nature of the flame make it difficult to find a spot to focus on.

In this photograph, using a relatively slow shutter speed, the flames have a blurred, softer appearance. There is a plate at the back because this photograph was taken during a havan, a Hindu tradition in which various things are put into a fire.


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Picture of Tea Light

On the Hindu festival of Diwali, traditional earthen diyas are filled with oil and lit. But in recent years, easier options such as candles and tea-lights have taken over. They require less work to prepare, create less mess, and are actually less polluting, so their popularity is understandable.

The curvy, coloured pattern on the floor is part of a rangoli. A rangoli is a traditional Indian pattern drawn on the floor, before and during many festival celebrations, especially Diwali. Rangolis are symbols of the Hindu religion. They are thought to bring good fortune and prosperity to the house that they adorn, so people try to make them as attractive as possible. Vivid and vibrant colours are used to draw attention and to decorate the home.