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One of the largest ice cave systems in the world can be found in the Austrian Alps near the town of Salzburg. The cave system is known in German as eisriesenwelt, which translates roughly to “world of ice-giants”. This may seem like a childish and fantastical name for an ice cave, but after visiting one understands the aptness of the name.

The ice cave is not an easy place to visit. It requires great amounts of time and energy, and the abilities to handle high altitudes, sub-zero temperatures, and darkness. If one has these things, however, the ice cave can be conquered, and one can have a remarkable experience unlike any other.

(Submitted to the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenges: “Twisted“, “Ascend“, “Path“, “Narrow” and “Victory“)

12 thoughts on “Eisriesenwelt

    1. It’s an ice cave. And yes, you can go inside (if you can handle the biting cold winds!). The cave is filled with vast ice structures formed over hundreds of years. Of course, there are also stairs and paths for visitors to walk on.


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