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Photograph of Prague

Though lacking hue, monochromatic images often have more character than their coloured counterparts. In a coloured image, the colours stand out and draw all the attention of the viewer. Hence little or no attention is given to other important aspects of the image such as texture, shadow and contrast. In a monochrome photograph, however, without the presence of distracting colours, it is much easier to examine and admire these aspects of the image.

Prague’s Old Town in the heart of the Czech capital is a place like no other. Walking down the narrow, cobbled streets flanked by small, neat buildings and the occasional church is a unique experience that can be matched by few others. Hours at end can be wiled away with ease on these streets, just roaming around, taking in the architectural beauty and rich history of the surroundings. Despite the crowds of tourists, there is an atmosphere of tranquillity that is becoming exceedingly difficult to find in modern cities. There is no traffic, no sense of urgency and nobody telling you to hurry along. There is something unique and exciting to be found at almost every corner, from a Museum of Torture Devices to a shop dedicated solely to clocks. Prague is truly a city unlike any other in the world, and it is not difficult to see why tourists so love it.

(Submitted to the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: “Monochromatic“)


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