Beneath My Feet

Earth, Nature

Beneath My Feet

The place where you walk is not given much attention. After all, why would it be? It is normally just a plain, simple, drab cemented path. It has no distinguishing features, and nothing that draws people towards it. The only purpose it serves is to support your legs as your walk or run.

Many times, however, the place where you walk can be as interesting, if not more, than the destination you are waling towards. Of course, most cities have primarily cemented and paved pathways, so naturally they are low on character. However, many times, the flooring and paving of places is given as much thought and importance as the place. Good examples of this are places of worship. If you have ever noticed, these places, irrespective of their faith, have ornate flooring, made using mosaic, carving or fine stonework. Natural areas like gardens also often house paths made with the aesthetic aspect in mind.

In this photograph, taken at Hellbrunn Palace in Salzburg, Austria, there are two distinct areas. One is the grass, and the other is the gravelled path. The path, though created artificially, is not as crude as a road. It still has some character.

(Entered in the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenges: “Opposites“, “Beneath Your Feet“)

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