Abstract, Night

Photograph of Bokeh

Sometimes there is order in disorder and beauty in chaos. This photograph, which is intentionally out of focus, has a warm glow to it. Though there is nothing specific to “look at”, the entire photograph has an aesthetic and pleasing appearance. Unlike my other post with bokeh, this one has nothing in the foreground.

The term for aesthetic out-of-focus points in a photograph is bokeh. The bokeh depends greatly on the camera one uses. In this photograph the out-of-focus lights appear roundish, but, depending on the camera used, they may appear oval or even hexagonal in shape. Check out this site for more information on bokeh.

(Submitted to the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenges: “Focus“, “Abstract“, “Circle” and “Careful“)


6 thoughts on “Bokeh

  1. Back in the ancient days of film (and not having a clue what I was doing anyway) I took a snap of my girlfriend’s beloved cat on the lawn. I got down to cat level, focussed on cat (‘Ernie’) and shot.

    The snap when printed by the local chemist’s shop turned out to show the cat, sharply defined as if by a searchlight of focus which made him stand out against a sea of fuzzy clovers fore and aft. My first experience of bokeh—but not knowing what I’d done, could I ever reproduce it? Nooooooooooo …

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