Photograph of Shadows


Nature, Photography

Photograph of Shadows

Shadows, sometimes in the most unexpected ways and places, can create some fascinating, intricate designs. If you have ever seen the moving shadows of a swaying tree in bright sunlight, you will know just how captivating shadows can be.

In this photograph, there are several aspects that attract one’s attention. The most striking feature of the photograph is probably the patterned square on the right. Due to their depth, the plus-shaped holes in the wall are not receiving sunlight like the rest of the wall is. This leads to a sharp contrast between the wall and the holes, immediately drawing one’s attention. Another fascinating aspect of the image is the shadow thrown on the wall by the plants. They are abstract in their form, but somehow they are aesthetically pleasing. Lastly, if one observes closely, one can observe the brush strokes of the paint on the left wall. Since the sunlight is coming from such an angle, the slight bumps in the paint block the light and throw shadows on the wall, making them visible in this photograph.

(Entered in the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge “Intricate“.)


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