Broken Wall


Photograph of a cracked wall

The estate was almost one hundred years old, but it lay in a state of disrepair. Since the previous tenants moved out, no one had taken it upon themselves to maintain the antique building. Due to this neglect, a fine specimen of architecture and history was being gradually lost. Over the years, the estate gardens slowly withered, the gates rusted, the roofs caved in and the paint and plaster fell off. The outer boundary wall of the complex, which was originally white, started to crack. Fungus started to grow in the cracks, giving the wall a unpleasant black colour.

The wall in the photograph is actually not a hundred years old. It is only around twenty years old. Also, it is the wall of an apartment balcony, not an estate. The poor condition of the wall is mainly due to the fact that it faces the harsh extremities of weather. In summer, temperatures here can soar past 40 degrees Celsius, and in winter they almost reach 0 degrees Celsius. Add the strong monsoon rains, and you get a destructive combination, enough to wear away most structures.

(Entered in The Daily Post’s Weekly Photography Challenges: “Details“, “Abstract“, “Wall” and “Broken“)

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