Fire, Flower, Gallery

Orange is one of nature’s brightest and most vibrant colours. Humans associate the colour orange with happiness, creativity and stimulation, and it is easy to see why. The colour orange has many natural sources. The Sun appears orange at particular times of day, many flowers are bright shades of orange, many animals such as tigers have orange coats, and the sand of many deserts appears orange. And how can we forget the Orange fruit? It is the epitome of orange-ness. (By the way, I did some research to quench my own curiosity, and I can confirm that the colour orange was named after the fruit orange, and not the other way around.)

Of the four photographs above, two are of orange flowers, one is of an orange flame, and one is of burning coal that gives off an orange-ish colour. While all of the images possess the colour orange, the exact hue, texture and feel of the orange in each of the images is slightly different.

(Entered in The Daily Post’s Weekly Photography Challenges: “Vibrant“, “Vivid” and “Orange“.)

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