Red Flower

Photograph of Red Flower


Photograph of Red Flower

The red flower lay fallen. It had not been given the attention it felt it merited. In the sea of green surrounding it, it was the only source of vibrancy and life. Normally many bees, birds and butterflies were drawn to it because of its bright colours and attractive fragrances. However the past few days had seen a sharp decline in the number of visitors received by the flower. Perhaps there was a new star attraction nearby, or perhaps the birds, bees and butterflies had just grown bored. In any case, the flower was not happy, and spent its days sulking and drooping.

I am not sure whether this species of flower is generally droopy in appearance, or it is just this flower which is drooping. Whatever the case, the drooping of the flower in this photograph adds to the image. The background is completely green, and the bright red flower provides a stark contrast to it.


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