Photograph of a White Bird

Photograph of a White Bird

A real scarcity of food had hit the small family of birds living in the hollow of an old tree. The regulars of the birds, including worms, flies, honeybees and dragonflies, had all been wiped out by the intense cold. Even the tree in which they lived, which normally retained a small amount of leaves during the winter, had lost all of its leaves and life. Times were truly difficult. The youngest and most active member of the family Jim had an idea to find food. His plan was to find a high vantage point and look for any signs of movement from there. He searched for quite a while for the perfect location before it struck him – the perfect point had been right above him all along. The tree in which his family and he lived was a good twenty-five meters tall – easily high enough to scan the neighbouring areas from. He flew up and perched himself on a firm branch. For the next few hours Jim observed and reported any sign of potential food to his brother down in the hollow, who would go investigate and fetch the food if there was any. Through this plan the family found ample food to survive through the winter and live to see another beautiful spring. 

This photograph was taken in the world famous Jim Corbett National Park. Known primarily for its plentiful tigers, the park actually has a lot else to offer. Spotted-deer, sambar-deer, eagles, vultures, jackals, bears and alligators can all be seen in this prime example of unaltered nature. 


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